What is Employees 1st?

Your employees plan for everything they can see.  

But some things can’t be predicted. Floods and hurricanes put their houses knee-deep in water. A child or spouse falls ill and needs to travel for medical care. Thieves ransack their homes and steal everything they’ve worked for.

When unforeseen troubles strike, your workers shouldn’t have to panic over money. They should focus on taking care of themselves and their families. You just want to see them back on their feet and prospering again as soon as possible.

That’s why we created Employees 1st. We distribute hardship grants to employees of companies that have emergency assistance funds with us. We do all the work and make grants in an amount pre-determined by you. Your employees get quick help—and a reassurance that they can count on their company, just like their own families count on them. 

See how Employees 1st made a difference in Carlie’s life.


The program is not only easy to administer, but it also has the flexibility of allowing one-time or continuous contributions so the fund maintains a healthy balance.
— John E. Brown, Chief Human Resources Officer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana

I’ve never before known a company to be so generous in a time of need.
— P. Byrd, BASF employee