Thank you for your interest in Employees 1st.


+ What services do you offer Employees 1st clients?

The Employees 1st processing team reviews and assesses each application, determines grant amounts, accounts for payments and deposits, and handles paperwork associated with acknowledgements for tax purposes.

+ What kind of losses can an employee claim?

An applicant may claim any financial loss resulting from an unexpected emergency that impacts their basic living needs (i.e., home or car damage, medical bills, hotel costs, lost wages, etc.). Losses of luxury items cannot be claimed (i.e., boats, jewelry, televisions).

+ How can employees donate?

Employees have the option of making tax-deductible financial donations to their company’s fund. Donations may be made using your preferred payment method, including payroll deductions, credit card, cash, check or stock.

+ Can my company participate in Employees 1st even though we already have our own employee assistance program?

Yes, for companies who already have an employee assistance program in place, our services would act as an additional benefit.

+ Can Employees 1st come speak to my company?

Yes, our team would be happy to walk you through the set-up, applicant and reviewal processes. Please contact Elizabeth Hutchison at for more details.

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Employees 1st is a program of the Baton Rouge Area Foundation. Visit for more information about the Foundation.

Employees 1st
100 North Street, Suite 900
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Lead contacts:

Elizabeth Hutchison, Director
Phone: 225.387.6126

Devon Pannia, Lead Program Officer
Phone: 888.448.2727

*For application questions, please email Devon Pannia.