Give hope to the lives
of your employees.

Support your employees with a financial charitable grant during
hardships or personal disasters.

More than a standard EAP, Employees 1st works with you to build and manage a sustainable employee relief fund.


Easy Setup. Easy Processing.

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Create Employees 1st Fund

Tax-deductible donations are made by employees, friends, vendors and employers to sustain the fund.

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Employees Apply Online for Assistance

Floods and hurricanes put their houses knee-deep in water. A child or spouse falls ill and needs to travel for medical care. Thieves ransack their homes and steal everything they’ve worked for. Your employees are covered.

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Investing in your employees lives can be easy. Your care concierge will review applications and meet your employees needs in the midst of their crises.

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Why Employees 1st?

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reduce turnover

Helps increase employee retention.

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Unbiased reViews

Compassion and understanding in the application process.

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grants given quickly

Financial help is sent while the need is still there.

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ComplIments Existing EAP

Adds charitable giving to the programs you have in place.

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creating family cultures

Show that your company really cares.

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Tax benefit

Helpful tax deductible fund structure.


Help that speaks for itself.


We can help you, help others.

Employees can get quick help—and a reassurance that they can count on their company, just like their own families count on them.

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